Chi Chi yang is a recent transplant to Hollywood by way of a circuitous route that started in Thailand, went through Taiwan, took an interesting few turns in Pawtucket, RI and eventually ended up on the sunny beaches of Marina del Rey. After a brief stint on the east coast as an entrepreneur in the clothing business she packed her bags and headed west. Chi Chi always had a passion for creative writing - with a number of her works being published - and it was because of this love that she felt she needed to explore that passion in the creative capital of the world. After arriving in LA Chi Chi studied for 3 years at the LACC Theatre arts program and upon graduation felt there was no time to waste in bringing her visions to life. She didn't want to take to traditional route by 'working her way up the ladder' so she started Silent Accent Productions and immediately staged her first live theatrical production - A Basket Full of Miracles. The play recieved great reviews and a big hit with audiences. Immediately after the show closed she set to work on writing, directing and producing her first independant film - Pu Pu Plater. Its a lighthearted comedy that chronicals the struggles of two young star crossed lovers from 2 sides of the world and they try to discover themselves, achieve their dreams all the while struggling to bridge wide culture gaps - with often hilarious results. Chi Chi is excited at being able to bring together a large and diverse group of wonderful and talented actors to assist her in bringing her first film production - Pu Pu Platter - to life.